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Garden Tips + Resources

Do you ever dream of growing picture worthy blooms?


Well Then... It's Time To Get Your Hands Dirty...

Once upon a time I dreamt of a gorgeous cut flower garden, & if you're at all like me and didn't know where to start, or it was overwhelming... I see you!  Allow me to help!

Here's how:

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2- Download our FREE garden resources below.

3- Live in our area? Book a one-on-one garden consultation with us.

4- Don't let gardening intimidate you! Just start! If you need a beginner's reference guide, check ours out below. It's packed with good info!


Garden Consultaton

Free Garden Resources! 

Not ready to do a consult? But still dreaming of a lush and growing garden!? We have created these free resources just for you! We want everyone to grow a garden. But where do we begin? I have learned most people are hesitant to start a garden because lack of knowledge. No fret! The best gardeners are simply the ones who start and keep going even after they fail! 


Garden Consultation Fee - $500

15% Discount if booked before March 1st

Payment is due at consult.

Garden Consultation


Why Choose Lady Southwest

Celeste at Lady Southwest has been honing in flower farming in the High Desert (a challenging to grow in area) of Southwest Colorado for 5 years now. With a mixed background in floral design + agriculture, Celeste has an eye for beauty as well as knowledge for gardening needs + soil regeneration. 

What's Included:

1- One-on-one two hour in person consultation

2- In depth garden analysis and design mock up.

3- An in person basic soil analysis with suggested amendments.

4- A customized PDF for you to keep with garden consult details, garden mock ups, suggested plants, amendments and more. 

5- Included resources on where to accumulate all garden needs.

6- A how to on any garden needs seen, such as pruning, etc.

7- Garden calls/texts over any questions for the season!

8-You get expertise knowledge from a gardener in your growing zone.

9- Serious garden determination. It's a deep rooted passion.

*In total we spend right around 10 total hours on consultations, not including travel time and fuel.


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