The Struggle & The Stem

Hi! That is me with a pretty doggy - creating. Loving the work. Loving the creation process.

I am hopping on here to be more intentional with business, blogging, & creating. I need to recap, to follow my old paths back to the beginning to see where I have been.... how far I have travelled. The struggle of growing, but the beauty of having the stem.

I want to post a little about the business side for being a farmer-florirst. It has been a freaking JOURNEY! I am working on year two and I am loving it. I have more confidence this year... a lot, actually. I know I can create magic for events, I know I produce a good product (sounds a little egotistic-all but hey, don't you want a florist who is confident??) and I LOVE creating with flowers. I went down a path of finding my FLIPPING PURPOSE IN LIFE, and here I am. (That is a story for another time.)

But all that aside, I am trying to become a better business person. I have a Bachelor's Degree in English Lit & Creative writing... So, spreadsheets, profit margins, taxes.... yeah, not my strong suit! However I am learning! I have been going through workshops and all the little things I can. It's the not so fun side that I am trying to master, heck, maybe one day it will be second nature! Any of you small biz owners out there - got any tips for your ladybird!? Pricing flowers has been a hard thing zero in on (me overthinking) - just out of curiosity - what do you think a wedding bouquet typically costs??? & What are you willing to spend on a bridal bouquet?

Beyond that, I know the flowers are coming. we have so many in the ground, I am dreaming of adding more! Growing more... transforming our one acre property into the secret garden of Montezuma County. There is something so magical in growing, watching change happen in a garden or on a farm. Working with mother nature instead of against it (and this is a big learning curve for a lot of us, trust me, I know!)

I can't wait to reach farther into the growing season, we are trying loads of new flowers here and I am giddy with curiosity! What are you growing this year? What would you like to hear about from the farm and on the blog?

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