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Farmer Florist Photos in Flower Garden

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

I really wanted to think long and hard on my professional farmer-florist portraits.

Then I had to think longer and harder on whether or not I wanted to share them.

But life is short, and golly, I LOVE these photos and the way they came out. It was my goal to take unique Flower Farmer photos that stood out. I didn't want to be that same ol' gal with a bucket of flowers while standing in the flower garden. Ha! though I did also do that. Let's be real. That is a must have for all flower farmers. Just like having two cats and two dogs. I feel like every flower farmer has this. A lot - I have noticed have Labradors or Great Pyrenees. Just me???

I could go down the rabbit hole on similarities of flower farmers, but today, I'll head onwards towards the flower photos!

I envisioned something artsy as all heck. I also envisioned sequins because I feel they are a part of my DNA. Why not glitter? Why not sparkle and shine? So grateful "Bejeweled" by Taylor Swift came out shortly after these photos were taken. They match. Always on Time Taylor! Thank you!

But truthfully, when I envisioned these photos in my head, I wanted to be a magical and sparkly version of myself - & they came out way better than I envisioned! Which makes me feel really freaking lucky! The photographer was Sue Shutterbug and Sue did and absolutely amazing job!! What's more fun is I got to do Sue's wedding prior to this - vendor relationship goals you guys! Sue is such an incredibly humble, but oh so talented photographer and I hope you can pursue her photography skills in one way or another.

I was also incredibly lucky to have my cousin over this day who helped with the kiddos and helped us move flower buckets all over and even hold up the backdrop sheet when it was malfunctioning. This was not by her choice, but she was a trooper and I'm forever grateful!

To those flower farmers out there looking for professional photos for your business and content - remember - photograph who YOU are. People are after YOU. They are not going to buy their product if they don't believe you are being authentic. Plus this is your chance to have fun! Stand out a little bit! Get photos your 80 year old self will be so happy you took!

Here are the rest! I promise you all - get creative! Have an all out photoshoot on the flower farm!

P.S. This dress is from ASOS. Made by A Star is Born. My absolute DREAM dress. Smokes!

See - I promise I also took some good ol' regular photos for flower farming as well! And in the dahlia patch no less!

Thanks for hanging and checking out my farm photos! If you are thinking of doing some fun creative farmer photos or want to do a creative shoot on a flower farm - leave a comment!

With spring fast approaching I cannot wait for garden days full of bloom and warmth with all the potential beauty co capture with a lens once again!


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