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Adventure Wedding in Ouray, Colorado. With Class.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

When we think classy wedding we might envision a total black tie affair. That doesn't have to be true and here, Claire + Dan prove it.

They dreamt of their mountain adventure wedding in Ouray, Colorado with class. An intimate affair with jeeps, Yankee Boy Basin views, a Colorado outdoorsy vibe, all mixed in with style.

They were also able to achieve this with minimalistic design. Simple but elegant table settings, candles, farmhouse tables to match the lodge they rented with family. You do not have to break the bank to stay classy. To help with all of this, they hired the incredibly talented and VERY knowledgeable Emily Smith as a wedding planner. If you are looking in Southwest Colorado for wedding elopement/wedding/adventure wedding planners of any kind I'm telling you to start here.

On our part we sourced white flowers and greens for a timeless look. Claire wanted her bouquet to be timeless but also match the Colorado surroundings + wildflower feel. We added bit flowers from the farm such as feverfew + chamomile with scented beauties such as stock and roses. Also from the farm we added snaps, statice, dahlias, and zinnias for that summer touch. The large white florals with the cream-to yellow center are the dahlias. They give enough warmth to the bouquet to differ it from most all white bouquets.

I for one cannot get over the frilly feeling that her bouquet gives. But more so - is how seamless everything came together. Claire's dress was one of unique but timeless beauty. The sleeves were the perfect touch of romance and I LOVE how her dress compliments the bouquet.

Her elegant style and look was also part of Libby's magical touch from Wild Heart Hair Bar. I might mention Libby met us the following morning at 2:00 AM (as she had been doing this clients HMU starting at midnight) to do another client's hair for a different elopement hike that we started at 3:oo AM. She is a super trooper! You want her on your team!

Quick side note:

Remember, classy with STUNNING photos doesn't have to be complicated. Make your day uniquely yours. Include you pooches! Especially if they are famous on instagram such as Claire + Dan's two retrievers!

Dan wore a traditional black suit, very dapper. Together they were so damn dreamy. I still cannot believe this was a real wedding and not a styled shoot. Truly, as a vendor this is something we would dream up, but then sometimes, here comes along a very stylish couple and we have to pinch ourselves. Then bonus, the photographer, Sunnie Heers gifted us with astounding photo after the other. You can find this kind and talented human here :

Claire + Dan took their family from the Lodge in Ridgway up to Yankee Boy Basin in Ouray, for a stunning ceremony amongst mountains, pines + wildflowers. After the ceremony they took stunning photos further up the mountain (which is never a bad idea), while the rest of the family returned to the lodge before the reception.

They held an intimate ceremony with family, catered by Et Voila (funniest and most talented caterer, I swear) and they casually changed into white linen attire that made me feel like I could really take notes and step up my game when it comes to fashion and style. I'll stop there - but here are the photos for you to view.

Take notes from this couple. Don't complicate things, choose simplicity with stunning backdrops. You can't loose.

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