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Choosing a Floral Palette for Your Wedding

TIPS on Picking the Best Palette Based on Season, Style, & Budget

-Below- A Springy Palette for June - Great For all the blooms chosen by

Kara, the Bride. Perfect time of year for Peonies. Really - Peonies should be

chosen for brides with May-June Weddings. -

Photo: Lizzie Tilles

Let's Dive into choosing florals base off of your season first. Meaning the season you are getting married in. Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer.

Let's break it down this way - For a nice visual:

Fall : Sept, Oct, Nov.

Winter: Dec, Jan, Feb,

Spring: March, April, May (part of June) - NOTE: June is actually a funky month for local flowers - but we'll get to that in a min!

Summer: June, July, Aug, - Most of September too (Surprise!)

Okay - So we have a little bit of summer bleeding into fall, and for local flowers, this is actually an AMAZING month to get married, Especially in Colorado where we are located. In warmer climates - like Texas for example it will differ. ALWAYS ask local flower farmers about their production months! But this is a great beginning guide.


If you want almost any color palette - I'm going to urge you to plan your wedding from Late July, early August through September. Especially if you LOVE local blooms. Not only are flower farmers going to have many more options in colors for you because by this time of the year the powerhouse flowers are pumping it out! Also - DAHLIAS. Dahlias are blooming this time of year alongside Snaps, Zinnias, Cosmos, Certain roses coming into their second blooms, mums, lisianthus (amazing - just look them up), amaranth, pincushion, calendula, and literally SO MANY MORE FLOWERS. Yeah - Late July through Sept, is just EXPLODING with flowers & Depending on season extensions & first fall frost most flower farmers still have quite a bit of these flowers through October.

Not Only are the local flower farmers overflowing with all the flowers in ALL the colors of the rainbow - but so are your florists when they are buying local - AND BONUS - usually most the flowers they are ordering in wholesale when needed are also cheaper this time of year because likewise, California is overflowing with flowers and pumping out blooms and usually most flowers are just at a lower cost this time of year with production and industry going hard. Minus some of the spring blooms that we love - such as PEONIES. Sorry - if you have your heart set on those bade babes of spring - those should be only for Brides getting married in May/June. Otherwise they are going to cost you about $35-$50 A STEM in the off season. Yup - you heard that right. Yikes!

So - Take away for Summer into Early Fall - ANY COLORS OF THE RAINBOW.

This is a

great example

of a bouquet

from the farm

last (late) August - one

of our fave Autumn palettes.






Now - I know I started with Summer/Fall - Because I wanted to let you all know it is a fantastic time for all color palettes - but back to SPRING!

This is the time of year for you Peony lovers. But oh boy - be prepared. They still are not cheap even during their season. Sorry. It sucks. I'm stomping my feet for you.

But they are the queen of spring and if they are your dream I encourage you to pursue. They come in a range of deep pinks, pastels, whites, and corals. And the also go well with the other spring blooms : Ranunculus (dreams! & so many colors), Tulips (and I'm not talking about the ones you see in the park or at the grocery store, I'm talking about peony tulips, parrot tulips & double tulips look em' up!) Further, spring offers the cold bloomers, like snaps, bells of Ireland, honeywort and more. The palettes can be a bit more restricted but overall a great choice for most palettes and in general spring flowers have a very romantic old French feel. Think - lilacs too. Heaven. And DON'T forget Anemones! Wow - they come in white - like below- with a dramatic center & also come in pinks, pastels and violets.

Take Away on Spring Palettes : Most color Palettes Welcome - may not be as vibrant as some of the summer colors - but very romantic and a bit softer.


snaps, thistles,

wax flower &







Now most certainly in winter most of the florals are not going to be locally sourced. That's just the way it rolls. But throughout the growing regions of South America and even California there are greenery options and florals coming through. Still Roses, mums, Anemones for sure, ranunculus, and all the evergreen options are available.

You'll be looking at traditional colors of whites & blushes more during this season and of course the few wedding clients who are designing around Christmas colors. You can still get options for colors during the winter months, however flower types may be limited as well as more expensive. So if budget is a determining factor for your wedding and you want a bright and colorful wedding - then winter may not be the season you wish to plan your wedding. Flowers like sweet peas, peonies, dahlias will be a no go. They are not only expensive this time of year but really crappy if you do order them. & no one wants pathetic flowers on their wedding.

You CAN still get colorful options out of roses, snapdragons and different flowers listed below in the bonus list.

Take away from winter: lower selection of flower types, less quality, more traditional wedding palettes unless you get creative with traditional flowers.


Now come June and the first official days of summer after the solstice and locally - & this is weird/funny - theres not a lot unless farmers have greenhouses and are totally spot on with their planning. Often times June is a struggle month for flower farmers. A lot of cold florals like Tulips, Peonies, Anemones, & Ranunculus are dying off from the heat rolling in, & the warm loving annuals (zinnias, cosmos, celosia, dahlias, etc.) are not blooming yet. It's our limbo month - and we cry! However if we are lucky enough to have a good bumper crop of cold hardy annuals we can get ya some beauty - but the colors in June, locally are limited.

June is a great month for spring brides looking for greenery, whites, and some subtle romantic colors. Flowers such as Nigella, Green mist, Bachelor Buttons, Snapdragons, Roses, Orlaya, & Lilac are blooming in June.

Come July, more color becomes available as the warmer annuals come in. Options open up and brighter pinks, yellows, and oranges begin to fill the garden. If you want to keep local look up hardy annuals to get an idea. If you are waiting until July and August for your wedding you are in the open again for most color palettes and better pricing typically from farmers and florists alike.

Summer Take Away: The June options can be tricky, speak to your florist or farmer. Pricing might be higher in June - when July opens up pricing changes a bit and the color options are wider with more options for focal flowers.


These flowers/greenery are typically available year round from florists/wholesale without too much price change (unless you know - a pandemic hits or fuel goes wonky) & without too much change in quality if any.









-Baby's Breath





-Wax Flower


Getting bright colors of the list mentioned

left, to make a more colorful winter shoot.

Photo: Evie Joy Photography

Good luck, Ladybird!


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